Technology on the Project

Technology on a Project - MacbookThe construction process has evolved in the recent past at a staggering rate, yet the underlying process remains the same: Somebody with a lot of money (or access to the same) and a dream decides they want something built. They hire a design team, who fills the gap between a dream and a buildable plan. That plan is then given to a construction team who are responsible for following that plan and building the dream.

Technology has revolutionized that process, for the most part. Architects are now able to show the Owners the design in 3D. Engineers are able to perfect their portion of the design simultaneously and in real time with each other. The opportunity for coordinated quality construction documents has never been so within reach.

Yet, despite those advances, we still take this digitized plan and dumb it down for the tradesmen; we feel this is not only unnecessary but detrimental to the entire team. It does not need to be that way, there is a better way.

Our men have access to, and are trained to use, the latest innovations in jobsite productivity. We categorize them into three categories (although overlap is inevitable and beneficial):

1. Information exchange: Getting the right information to the right person as fast as possible. Our teams use iPhones, iPads, and other technology to document and share information in real time.

2. Layout and conflict resolution: We use both iPads and Total Station systems to streamline the layout and conflict resolution process.

3. Quality and schedule constriction: Once again the use of our Total Station system both eliminates layout mistakes, but also allows our work to begin before traditional methods would allow. We can actually complete our rough in before foundations are complete.

Followup…in future issues we will expand on each of these points in detail. If you have any questions about these areas do not hesitate to call.

Thank You for Reading,

Robert Trask


Parkway Construction Services

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