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Total Station System | Parkway Construction Services

Total Station System

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The general contractor’s construction timeline on projects over the past decade have become so compressed due to the time cost of money and owner’s need to start generating revenue that every hour the client isn’t operating in there facility is a dollar lost.  This need for the construction team to address the rapidly altering construction sequence and design changes generated on even an hourly basis is paramount to the quality, efficiency and profitability of the firms.  The total station system has been one of Parkway Construction’s revolutionary changes to allow our team to stay ahead of this construction evolution.  Parkway Constriction’s engineering staff and field personnel’s utilization of CAD and survey systems allows for increased accuracy and efficiency in planning, layout, and construction.  Our clients have directly benefited from our use of the tools on multiple levels.  When we can complete our underground layout 4 days faster, that is four days earlier our clients can get the floors poured.  With the increased accuracy we know our layout is correct before the wall lines are layout on a poured concrete slab, thus eliminating the lost time of breaking and patching the concrete to correct an improper layout.  It is not uncommon for our field staff to discover errors in layout from other trade firms such as the foundation layout, electrician underground rough-in etc.  Discovery and correction of these mistakes saves our clients and other team members time and money which in the end benefits the owner in opening their facility that much faster.  It is a simple question:  Do you want your team members to perform their work accurately and efficiently the first time jdk 7?

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