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News | Parkway Construction Services


Parkway is Moving!

When a company relocates it can be a challenge to communicate the reasons. Often people come to their own conclusions. Parkway Construction Services' move to Chesterfield is actually a trip back to our roots where it all began! We are excited to be relocating to the Chesterfield area and believe it will help us service our clients that much more effectively. As we close on our new facility, we will be moving closer to where are customers are working. Just through simple logistics this will make things much easier. It will also avail us to a larger employment talent pool as we are experiencing our biggest summer in our history. Adding the best talent possible will be imperative. We are confident this positive turn in the economy will be ongoing, therefore we are poised for growth. Since we are already in a growth cycle, we felt this was the best time to make a move. Securing a larger facility to give us a greater capacity. We will be customizing this facility...
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Technology on the Project

Technology on a Project - MacbookThe construction process has evolved in the recent past at a staggering rate, yet the underlying process remains the same: Somebody with a lot of money (or access to the same) and a dream decides they want something built. They hire a design team, who fills the gap between a dream and a buildable plan. That plan is then given to a construction team who are responsible for following that plan and building the dream. Technology has revolutionized that process, for the most part. Architects are now able to show the Owners the design in 3D. Engineers are able to perfect their portion of the design simultaneously and in real time with each other. The opportunity for coordinated quality construction documents has never been so within reach. Yet, despite those advances, we still take this digitized plan and dumb it down for the tradesmen; we feel this is not only unnecessary but detrimental to the entire team. It...
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